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Taylor Swift & The Elements(Fire)

They are the moments you saw sparks that weren’t really there, felt stars aligning without having any proof, saw your future before it happened, and then saw it slip away without any warning. These are moments of newfound hope, extreme joy, intense passion, wishful thinking, and in some cases, the unthinkable letdown. And in my mind, every one of these memories looks the same to me. I see all of these moments in bright, burning, red.






I have no problem with it, I was just curious cause I have no idea what it means. Do you think this Bad Blood song is gonna create serious drama and make Taylor look bad, or it might not be as controversial as some might think? We still haven't heard any of these songs yet, but that song appears to be the only angry song on the album, if we wanna base the info on the Rolling Stones interview.

I really don’t think that Bad Blood is going to be as much of a problem as some people think it will. The way Taylor talked about it in Rolling Stone, and how she talked about Better Than Revenge makes me think that it isn’t going to be controversial at all. Even so, I’m sure there will be drama anyways because the media thrives on that.

In my opinion, it’s just going to be really good angry song that doesn’t point fingers as much as some of her previous songs have, but any opinions are just speculation until we hear the song or the album comes out. But I personally wouldn’t worry about it.

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What does Stardust mean?

I just really liked that as a title, it feels pretty. Plus, who doesn’t love what they picture as stardust? I might change it back to what it was before though, I just wanted it to be different for a while. Do you not like it, nonnie?

Someday you’ll turn your radio on
I hope it takes you back to that place

breakrinalikeapromise replied to your photo “Lost your balance on a tightrope. It’s never too late to get it back.”

Love this so much

Thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

Hi guys! So many exciting things happened today (i reached my birthday goal, this blog is officially 6 months old AND TAYLOR FOLLOWED ME) so in celebration, i decided to make a follow forever! I love every blog i follow so picking my favorites was VERY hard. Anyway, i love you guys so much, thanks for making my dash look beautiful

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+blogroll (they all deserve a follow tbh)

This is so sweet of you! Thank you for including me — it means a ton :) And congrats on having Taylor follow you! That’s so exciting.

how do you know which belongs Hufflepuff?

You mean how I know I would be sorted into Hufflepuff?

Well, just from the descriptions of the books I always sort of sorted myself into that house, just because it fit the most out of the four. And then when Pottermore was made my best friend and I got accounts (yes, i know that’s geeky), she got Slytherin, and I got Hufflepuff, no surprises there.

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Hey thanks for following me yesterday! Your edits are really beautiful

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, that means so much to me. And thank you for following me as well, you’re super sweet :)

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